Hush Now, Banshee! : A Not-So-Quiet Counting Book

Hush Now, Banshee! : A Not-So-Quiet Counting Book


2019 Moonbeam Award Winner Created by identical twin brothers (Kyle is the author and Derek is the illustrator), Hush Now Banshee is the fourth book in the Hazy Dell Press Monster Series, following their regionally popular releases, Monster ABC, Goodnight Krampus and Get Dressed Sasquatch. With lovely rhymes and detailed illustrations, the quirky and hilarious Hush Now Banshee reinvigorates the counting book in the same way Monster ABC reinvigorates the alphabet book. Set in a fantastical version of the Irish landscape, Hush Now, Banshee! is an unconventional counting book that helps young children learn to count while also exploring the virtues of quiet time. With an irresistible rhyming cadence that propels the reader (or listener) through a cast of ever-increasing creatures (including smelly hobgoblins, fairy warriors and meditating druids) this beautifully illustrated board book is a fun and exciting way to learn about numbers, counting and the pleasures of quiet-time activities. Appeals to children and parents alike with a scenario that both sides can identify with: a young person's struggle to adjust their mood and energy levels to the moods of those around them. The lush illustrations of memorable characters and a fantastical Irish landscape put Hush Now Banshee in the top-tier of children's board books The catchy rhymes, careful repetition and the main character's exuberance make this book a riot to read out loud. Far beyond a simple counting book, Hush Now Banshee features a cavalcade of interesting creatures and a satisfying story arch that pays off with a fun conclusion. Can you find the Easter Eggs that reference previous Hazy Dell Press books? Little Banshee is a young girl who just wants to have some loud fun (she is a Banshee, after all). Now more than ever, the world needs children's books featuring free-spirited and strong-willed girls. The character depictions in this book are a celebration of gender equality and diversity. This book introduces female versions of traditionally male characters including female (and multi-ethnic) leprechauns and trolls, while also taking a modern spin on fairy princesses - the fairies in Hush Now Banshee also happen to be warriors. By the author and illustrator team who created Monster ABC, Goodnight Krampus, Get Dressed Sasquatch, and Don't Eat Me, Chupacabra! (!No Me Comas, Chupacabra!) By the illustrator of Party Croc! (Albert Whitman, 2015) Awards and accolades: School Library Journal Editor's Pick 30 full-color illustrations Much longer, more robust and detailed than most children's board books Hefty, durable weight

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Kyle Sullivan, Derek Sullivan
Board book | 30 pages
153 x 178 x 33.02mm | 589.67g
Publication date
27 Sep 2018
Hazy Dell Press
Publication City/Country
Portland, United States
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